Oren Mangoubi

Assistant Professor

Mathematical Sciences

Data Science

Computer Science

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Email: omangoubi@wpi.edu

Office: UH 385

I am an assistant professor at WPI in Mathematical Sciences and Data Science, with a collaborative appointment in Computer Science.

Much of my research involves designing optimization and Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling algorithms, with provable runtime, robustness, and privacy guarantees for applications in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Statistics. In my research I aim to introduce new mathematical tools from physics and geometry to the design and analysis of optimization and sampling algorithms used in ML.

In 2016 I received my PhD in Applied Mathematics at MIT, advised by Alan Edelman (MIT Mathematics department) and also working with Natesh Pillai (Harvard Statistics department). From 2017-2019 I was a postdoctoral researcher in Computer Science at EPFL, advised by Nisheeth Vishnoi (Yale, previously at EPFL). From 2016-2017 I was a CANSSI postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa Mathematics and Statistics department working with Aaron Smith, where I taught a Statistics and Probability course for engineering majors.

In 2011 I received my B.S. in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from Yale. My undergraduate advisors were Roger Howe (Mathematics) and A. Stephen Morse (Electrical Engineering).


Undergraduate and Graduate Mathematics and Data Science Courses

  • Machine Learning for Engineering and Science Applications (DS595), WPI, Fall '22

  • Modeling and Data Analysis, WPI, Spring '20, '21, '22 (developed new course)

  • Optimization for Deep Learning and Machine Learning (DS595/MA590) WPI, Fall '20, '21, (developed new course)

  • Linear Programming, WPI, (MA3231) Fall '20, '21

  • Statistical Methods for Data Science (DS502/MA543), WPI, Fall 2019

  • Probability & Statistics for Engineers (MAT2377), Univ. of Ottawa, Winter 2017

K-12 Mathematics education

  • Lead interactive mathematics exhibit at the TouchTomorrow STEM Festival for K-12 Students from the Worcester region (Exhibit name: Vertices, Edges, and Faces of Polyhedra), Spring 2022

  • Summer research project advisor for Mass Academy high school student (Summer 2022)

  • Instructor, MITxplore weekly Mathematics enrichment class for disadvantaged youth, Spring+Fall 2013, Spring+Fall 2014, Spring 2015